The enticing adventures of a nerdy girl, who occasionally makes

'Dirty' movies.

Feminist, not an object but a person

Body positive, Wiener dogs,

David Bowie, Pizza please


Fresh out of the shower, people always post makeup less selfies like It’s a revolution. I think I’m fine either way, make up doesn’t make me
Better or worse, though I tell yah I wish I could borrow a cup of eye brows from
Cara Delevingne.

So, enjoy my sparse brows and big white booty everyone!

Check out my sexy clip store


It’s a cleavage collage!!!!! I’m so tried from traveling all day. So here’s some past boobies

It’s TBT! Re blogging stuff from last year !


Just about to film some new stuff !
In other news IG filters make me look like a ghost, I will now and forever be known as spooky boobs.
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